Annual General Meeting 2016

Annual General Meeting
Thursday 30th June 2016

Chairman’s Report
I am sorry that I cannot be there to give this report personally but the committee’s decision to change the traditional date of the AGM caught me out and I had already made plans to be in UK this week. So I have asked our very capable Secretary to give this report on my behalf.

The past season has been a very difficult time for rugby in Cyprus. This is reflected in the very few matches played by Limassol Crusaders and the demise of the CRF sponsored league. The military decided to go their own way with their 3 remaining teams and the 3 civilian clubs have so few members that those few games played have all been 10’s.

Financially the club has just about managed to scrape through the season without the support of a sponsor but as the treasurer will report we presently do not have enough money to pay the pitch rent for next season.

The club has gone though many ups and downs in its 12 year history and this is not the first time we have been in this situation. On the positive side we remain the most successful civilian club on the island with a very committed membership. We have successfully hosted two touring clubs from UK and went on tour ourselves for a great weekend in Brussels.

As is required by the club constitution the committee will resign at this meeting and those members wishing to remain on the committee next season must stand again for re-election. For myself, after 10 years on this committee, 7 of them as club chairman I will not be standing for re-election. As the next Chairman will find, keeping order amongst a group of very independent minded rugby players is not an easy job and I must confess that my enthusiasm has waned this year. To steal the words of that great Statesman, David Cameron (tongue in cheek), it is time for the Club to have fresh leadership, a new captain to steer this ship into the future.

My last act as chairman is to propose Artemios Papageorgiou to be Chairman for the 2016/17 season.
Treasurer’s Report
Total income for the year 2015-2016 was €9,000.  Fantastic effort all round.

Resignation of 2015-16 President and Committee
The Club Secretary is not required to resign. All other members must resign and stand for re-election.
All Committee Members resigned.

Election of 2016-17 President and Committee
Only paid-up Club Senior Members are eligible to both vote and to sit on the committee. Committee comprises; Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, plus not less than four and not more than eight other members. (President is not a committee member).

It was agreed that Nick Mastoroudes remain as President.

Elected Members as follows:
Chairman: Artemios Papageorgiou
Secretary: Sarah Sully
Treasurer: Dave Lee

Captain: Constantinos Constantinides

CRF Representative: Jason Stainer
Fixtures Secretary: Andy Spring
Social Secretary: Scott Lennox

Other Members elected without portfolio:
Mark Nowell – Referee Coordinator
Louis Carell
Antonio Fiorillo
Andy Webster
Dan McFarlane

To remove and elect the Auditor or to confirm that they remain in office
The Auditor will remain the same as previous year.

To fix the subscription for the following year:
Senior players: 50 euros  
Junior players: (under 16 yrs): 10 euros
Social Members: 20 euros

Final Note:
The Committee would like to give thanks to Mike Damalis at Shaka Zulu for his continued support and his sponsorship for the Cirencester Tour earlier this year.

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