Meet the Crusaders: Mick Quain

Michael Quain
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Meet the Crusaders: Mick Quain, LCRFC Vets, Limassol Crusaders

Michael Quain
aka Grandad, Mr.Quainy, Viagra

Club Chairman: 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015



The Interview:

Q.How did you become interested in rugby?
That goes so far back into the mists of time and the only answer I can think of is that I have always been interested in rugby.

Q.Which rugby team did you support when you were young(er)?
My rugby has always been on a local level and the only teams that I have supported are those that I have played for; Keighley, Skipton and Limassol

Q.How did you first start playing rugby and what is the name of your first club?
I was introduced to actually playing the game through a friend who was a regular player at Keighley RUFC. He dragged me along to a match one cold winter Saturday and I was instantly hooked.

Q.What is the most memorable match in which you have played?
Being a front row forward does not bring great try scoring glory and my tally is not quite that of Jonny Wilkinson or the legendary welshman Jonny Davies but one match stands out not just because I scored one of my few tries but because the snow was so thick we first had to mark out the lines by scraping the snow off them. It was a home match with Keighley 3rd XV. I was tackled on the try line but too late for them to stop me placing the ball. The referee could have had no doubt because the imprints of our three bodies and that of the ball were all clearly left in the snow.

Q.Who was your hero/favourite player when you were young?
The thing that makes rugby stand out most against other team sports is that it is the complete team game. There are no prima donnas who dance around the ball and score the most goals. Jonny Wilkinson would never have kicked that winning drop goal if the forwards had not formed and held a ruck at the exact best spot and if the scrum half had not picked and passed the ball at the exact right moment. So I have never had a favourite player and my heroes are my team mates around me on the field.

Q.What you like most of LCRFC?
The great camaraderie of the players both on and off the field – we have a great social life as well as great games of rugby. Also I get to play rugby with all my heroes.

Q.What you dislike the most of LCRFC?
I had to give a great deal of careful thought to this one but could only come up with one answer – there is nothing I dislike about LCRFC.

Q.What is your favourite Color?
My favourite colour is blue, the shade on the LCRFC jersey.

Q.What is your favourite Drink?
Rugby men are supposed to love drinking gallons of beer and at the right time I certainly never say no – but I must confess my favourite drink is Gin and Tonic (in moderation of course).

Q.What is your favourite Food?
Yorkshire Puddin’

Q.Your wishes for next season?
My greatest wish for next season is that by some miracle the league in Cyprus will suddenly resurrect itself and all 3 CRF clubs suddenly find themselves with a full squad every week. Well I can dream can’t I?



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