Meet the Crusaders: Andy Spring

Andy Spring
eng England
Current Team
Meet the Crusaders: Andy Spring, Limassol Crusaders

Andy Spring
aka Censored
Club  Captain: 2007,2010



The Interview:

Q.How did you become interested in rugby?
I was forced to play rugby for 5 years at school, where my Rugby Master was the England Hooker, John Olver. He made me hate rugby. When he left, this is when I began to love the game, and I joined a local club. Sadly Mr Olver left me with a permanent psychological fear of fitness!

Q.Which rugby team did you support when you were young(er)?
Always Northampton Saints, and England. Born and bred

Q.How did you first start playing rugby and what is the name of your first club?
At school is where I first played, my first ever club was Towcester RFC

Q.What is the most memorable match in which you have played?
Bosnia vs Cyprus – it was the closest Cyprus game I had played in, the game could have swung either way. It felt it was one of my best performances in a rugby shirt, I had a large influence on the game and we won 8-6 in the snow!

Q.Who was your hero/favourite player when you were young?
Tim Rodber

Q.What you like most of LCRFC?
What do i like most about LCRFC? It is the club I have been with the longest. I was nearly there from the beginning, I led the club on the field to our first 80 minute victory vs the Old Maraboes. I like that we have a history, that we are generally very social as a club and do not like to take life too seriously.

Q.What you dislike the most of LCRFC?
Trying to find 15 on a match day when we had 30 confirmed two nights before!

Q.What is your favourite Color?

Q.What is your favourite Drink?
Anything in a glass. But I do like a Tinto Briano or a tasty pint of cider

Q.What is your favourite Food?
Gambas Pil Pil (a Spanish dish)

Q.Your wishes for next season?
For the club to play as many games on the field as possible.

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